Egg in a Grilled Cheese Basket

I think everyone here knows that I love good food.

But the last two weeks, the thought of cooking, eating, or being in the general vicinity of food hasn’t been fun for me.

I’m eating because, you know, survival and such, but I rarely want to.

This morning, I decided that an egg didn’t sound disgusting. Neither did grilled cheese.

So, I went to work.

Stuff in the house.

I wanted extra cheesy grilled cheese, so I snuck a layer of cream cheese on a slice of bread before adding a slice of colby jack I had in the fridge.

This biscuit cutter must be a hand-me-down. I'm not that together.

This biscuit cutter must be a hand-me-down. I’m not that together.

The other piece of bread served as the “basket”, so I grabbed a biscuit cutter from the drawer (you could probably use a cup or jar if you don’t have one), and popped out a circle. After melting some butter in the pan, I added the cut out bread and dropped an egg inside it.


I also added the bread with cheese to the pan, but if I tried this again, I think I’d toss the cheesy side under the broiler for a minute before throwing it in the pan. Reduces the chance of ending up with burnt bread or not-melted cheese.

Once the egg white was cooked, I carefully put the two slices together and tossed it on a plate.


Voila! Despite the slightly overdone edges, it was a satisfying and comforting meal, particularly with the side of pear slices and goat cheese. (It seems this baby wants cheese.)

Did you have any comfort foods you could manage during the not-so-fun nausea of pregnancy? Or for my no-kid friends, what is your go-to comfort food?


*excuse the not-so-great photos, and the lack of posts – the constant nausea is taking its toll.


  1. Looks awesome. My wife’s thing, at least for her first pregnancy, was grilled cheese and bacon. Her baby shower (the one I got to attend) had, like, a grilled-cheese bar. It was pretty much the best.

  2. Auntie Annie’s Pretzeldogs. I think I could’ve lived on them!

  3. Also I seemed to want grapes cut up into everything. Even stuff like coleslaw.

  4. What a cool idea! In our family, we call the basket part – “egg in the middle of the toast”. Creative, huh? LOL But I never thought of adding cheese that way. I’m so gonna try that. Glad you found something you could eat for the “survival” thing and all. ;-)

  5. I remember when I was pregnant, meat just grossed me out. Even ground beef, which I normally like a lot. So there are a lot of limitations when you’re pregnant and trying to find something to eat. I’m glad you found something you could enjoy.

    Pregnant or not pregnant, it’s always cheese for me. I can eat cheese any time. Just about any KIND of cheese. :)

    • With Jonas, I couldn’t STAND the site or smell of ground beef. If you brought me something already cooked that was fine (I actually craved cheeseburgers) but if I saw or smelled the meat before, I couldn’t eat it.

      And I do love cheese anyhow, but it’s been a particular comfort today. :)

  6. We used to call it Toad in Hole. Like your version better. For me it was always 99 cent white bread and processed American cheese. With tomato soup, of course.

  7. Im a big fan of Mac N Cheese when I need comfort food. This looks pretty good too though, I will have to try it.

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