Feeling Gifty? DIY Sugar Scrubs

I like to do things for my friends. Not so strange, right?

Sometimes, though, that desire can be a stress to the wallet, particularly if I’m looking to do something special for more than one person at a time.

Recently, I was getting together with a group of great ladies and wanted to have gifts for all of them, so I scoured the interwebs for something I could do that wouldn’t break the bank.

The end result?

These delicious smelling and SUPER easy to make sugar scrubs.

Aside from being great gifts, these were a fun afternoon project with the little guy, which made them worthy of a share.

What You Need:

Jars – I got jam size ones from Amazon that I recommend.
Coconut Oil – I highly recommend Costco for this. They have a huge tub at a great price.
Essential Oils – Vitacost has GREAT deals on these.
Food coloring (optional)

See? Not very many ingredients.

And not a lot of steps!

I didn’t measure for this project – you all know by now that I hate measuring things and only do it when I bake because you HAVE to – so bear with me on the instructions.

Scoop the coconut oil (hopefully your house is nice and cool so your oil is solid – works best this way) and toss it in a mixer. You can also mix by hand, but I liked how the oil got a bit “fluffier” when using the mixer. Add sugar. Keep adding sugar until you have the texture you desire.

(For those still wanting measurements, I think I may have used twice the amount of sugar as oil.)

013 Add a few (or a lot) drops of your essential oils. I added until I liked the smell.

With coconut oil, you want to choose fragrances that compliment the already existing smell of the coconut. I made four different kinds of sugar scrub: Coconut Lemon, Coconut Lime, Coconut Peppermint, and Coconut Lavender.

OPTIONAL: For looks, you can add a squirt of food coloring to your mix.

Now you’re ready to fill your jars! This part is where Jonas got very involved, which made the project slightly messier, but honestly, you won’t mind because your house will smell delicious at this point. (Maybe the lavender was soothing me, too.)

Once you’ve filled your jars, you can make up pretty little labels to go on them. If you use a standard Avery label for canning jars, you can find all sorts of templates on Google to help you make your own.

And voila!

This is a great go to for favors to give out at a wedding shower, tea party, or just because you feel like brightening someone’s day.


Do you have any favorite DIY gifts?



  1. Oooo- what a great idea! I love the packaging, and I love the idea of making these as a little gift for a get-together. Lovely!

    • Rivki, it was so easy and such a nice project to do with the little man. He loved watching everything get mixed and was so happy to be filling the jars. :)

  2. I’ve never made these with coconut oil before. I’ve used either sweet almond or olive oil. So, how is the texture using coconut oil? (I have a bunch of it!)

    • I loved the texture – very smooth. As long as you like the smell of coconut, I’d highly recommend trying it! A bunch of people said the Coconut Lemon one smelled like lemon frosting. :)

  3. I love sugar scrubs… thanks for sharing!!

  4. I LOOOVE this idea. I have a sea salt scrub that I love to use, so maybe I’ll try a little of that, too. Either way, I’ve got a new project to keep me busy for a while.

    • I thought about using salt instead of sugar, but sugar was my cheaper option, and salt is less abrasive so it can be used on more parts of the body (they say you shouldn’t use salt scrub on your face or anywhere you have sensitive skin).

      I’d love to try salt with the peppermint, though, for a foot scrub!

  5. Chakriya says:

    Did you try one out? If so, how was it? I’m thinking with a little modification of the packaging, maybe it could be a good international convention gift. Unless it is hot & my coconut oil melts. Hmmm. Maybe I could keep them in a little cooler with an ice lack under my seat.

    • Yes, we used the leftovers that didn’t fit in the jars. It makes your skin feel great.

      The coconut oil melts at somewhere around 80 degrees, I believe. It would probably still work fine as long as it didn’t get SUPER hot – I don’t know if that would cause any of the sugar to dissolve. And it will solidify again in a cool environment.

      • Chakriya says:

        I guess if summer arrives the first day of convention as usual & the coconut oil melts, even if the sugar melts with it, it would still be a very nice “bath oil”.

  6. This is a great idea! And it sounds like a great distraction: something to keep me busy as I heal. Thank you for this!

  7. Sounds life a great gift idea. My gal loves these kinds of presents.

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