Social Media for Good – How Can You Help?

UPDATE: Sadly, I awoke to read this tweet from Diana:
Julian and Preston were born this morning. We held them as they met Jesus. Please pray for us.
Funds collected thus far will be sent to the family. If anyone still wishes to make a donation, whatever is not needed will be sent to The March of Dimes to help other moms and babies.


I’ve talked before about how awesome Social Media can be for bringing the best out of people. We hear a lot about the bad – social media used for bullying and the like – but I like to share the stories that get less love. The good ones.

A blogger I’ve been following for quite some time, Diana of Hormonal Imbalances, is pregnant with twin baby boys. The story of what has been going on with her this past week can be found here.

For those of you who didn’t click through, Diana is in the hospital. Her water broke at 18 weeks and the doctors were telling her to induce. As you may guess, even if you have no baby experience, the odds of a baby surviving at this stage outside of the womb are slim to none.

Diana and her husband made the choice not to induce. To wait it out. To give her two baby boys a chance at surviving. Through a series of tweets from Diana’s hospital bed, many of us learned that the hospital was pressuring Diana regarding her decision. The babies are healthy. Diana is doing fine. And yet, they were trying to make her feel like her decision was wrong.

The interwebs came out to support her. Many of us called and emailed the hospital to let them know that their patient should be cared for, not bullied.

The hospital apologized and Diana is being cared for properly now.

But some of us would like to do more.

As any of you who’ve ever set foot in a hospital and left with a bill know, hospitals don’t come cheap. Overnight stays are expensive, and for the moment, Diana is staying put.

After chatting with Diana’s friend Erika of Namammaste, we decided that we could put the power of the interwebs to a greater use in raising money for Diana and her family.

I know that a lot of people are finding their budgets tighter than ever, but even $5 can make a difference. Just think, if 5000 people were to donate just $5 each, that’s $25000.

To that end, I make a promise.

If I get 5000 people to donate to help Diana, I am going to do something I don’t want to.

Me and my long hair.

Specifically, I am going to chop off my hair.

You see, my hair is long. It took quite a while for me to get it there and I like my long hair. You might even say it’s a security blanket of sorts.

But that doesn’t matter. I’d rather see people band together to help out this mama. My hair will grow back.

So, 5000 people. It may sound like a lot, but in the world of the internet, it really isn’t. When we hit the number, I’ll pull out the webcam and the scissors and chop-chop-chop for you all to see.

Ready? Get to donating.

(Click on the photo below to donate. If you have any problems with the button below [Chrome seems to not enjoy it], you can send your Paypal payment to:

And tweeting. And “facebooking”. And blogging.

Want to do more? What will you do when we reach 5000 donations? How about 10000? Let me know how you want to help in the comments below.

[If you are a business or organization that would like to do more, please feel free to contact me at ambernwest @]

Update: I would like to add a note that Diana has never contacted me to ask for financial assistance. I decided to do this after speaking with a close friend of Diana’s who consulted with Diana’s family before I continued with my idea to do this.

Some have asked about what the funds will cover. Funds will go towards anything that won’t be covered – copays, NICU costs, not to mention expenses incurred because of the lengthy hospital stay, such as childcare, food, gas, etc… If we mange to raise more than needed, the additional funds will go to the March of Dimes.

Thank you to the many people who have already responded supporting this.