The One Where Wil Wheaton and the Interwebs Made Me Smile

I woke up this morning to see this:




That’s me.

My book.

I have all the feels.

I have lost the ability to can.

And apparently, normal coherent sentences don’t express it. So, I’ve been forced to go all Tumblr on ya’ll.

Just a few days ago, someone on the interwebs said some not very nice things.

And I know it shouldn’t matter, but I was all…


But I have lovely friends who talked me through it.

And then I read this really great post by Wil Wheaton. And then he responded to ME. And I was all…


And this was at the start of my book’s special promo on Amazon, which kicked off better than I imagined.

And it just kept getting better.



And all these lovely people, friends and TOTAL STRANGERS were sending their support.


And I went to bed knowing that my book made it to the Top 100.



And then, because I’m a little obsessive, I checked to see where things stood when I woke up. I expected to see a slip in the rankings. Which would be fine. After all, I broke the TOP 100, something I honestly didn’t think was going to happen. Really, if you had told me that I would, I probably would have laughed.


Yet, lo and behold, I woke up to ranking #50. FIFTY.

Excuse while I go have myself a good dance in the living room.







So, thank you. Thank you for humoring me. Thank you for reading. Thank you for sharing.

Thank you. All of you.


*** the book ended the promo at #10!


  1. Awesome. Congrats!

  2. Woot! Congratulations, Amber! Will was right – that person wasn’t worth your time. What kind of person says mean things about someone like you anyway? They obviously don’t know you! I’m so excited for your great rankings! Hope you keep climbing those lists! :-)

    • Rhonda, you are too sweet. Thank you!

      I’m not at all against people giving my book a bad review, but when the review attacks my integrity and character, that becomes personal. But it would seem it didn’t matter much in the end.

      That Mr. Wheaton was right. :)

  3. I remember that feeling I got when one of my books hit #134 in the Kindle Store in 2011. The feeling was euphoric. Don’t let what one person said bother you. It happens to all of us, and I’ve stopped worrying about that anymore. You are #50! That rocks! And #1 and #4 in categories! Just wow.

    • It’s surreal right now.

      I read another brilliant post about reviews the other day that was all about the math – you can NOT please everyone, so the more people reading your book, the greater the odds are that you’ll get bad reviews. Particularly given that people who have something bad to say tend to be more vocal.

      The point being, it means LOTS of people are reading your book!

  4. That’s so great! Congratulations Amber! (And I love all the Dr Who graphics <3)

  5. Straight to the top 25, baby! I’m telling you! It was THAT good. When are you writing another Jameson mystery?! :)

    • I can’t even imagine. I’m still blown away with breaking the Top 100. And now – 40!

      I am already working on the next one. I’m a good way in, but not far enough yet that I can give any hint of when it will be done and ready for release.

      But I promise, I am working on it!!

  6. I was dancing with the gifs! Some people can’t stand to see others succeed and boy does it show. So sad that jealousy rears it’s ugly head but you can always see right through it. Now I’m going back up to dance with my Doctors!

  7. WTG, Amber! (And hey, I’m responsible for one of them there sales. Looking forward to the read.)

    Hope it keeps getting better and better.

  8. Congratulations from all of us who are toiling and hoping to work up to where you are. I’ve got to toil. My story came back from my instructor and her critique will require me to make some changes that I skipped over because I was in love with the story. I need a surreal kickstart..

    • Amber West says:

      Keep pushing forward! It’s hard to cut/edit when we love our story, but don’t let it stop you from keeping at it!

  9. Congrats, Amber. Enjoy every moment.

  10. I’m not at all surprised that your book is doing so well. You deserve it.

    Next time someone’s mean to you, maybe we should let my dog eat them. Great Dane’s have big food bills, and I could really use a break. I’m pretty sure she could get a few good meals out of a meanie, even if they are a little tough to chew 😛

    • I was raised in the school of “if you can’t say something nice”…and while I know that putting a book out there means someone may not like it and may choose to share that, I did not expect a personal attack. Especially from another author.

      I appreciate the Great Dane offer – especially since I love Danes! But hopefully this reviewer will realize that nastiness doesn’t benefit anyone without being gnawed on. 😉

  11. Big congrats on your Amazon ranking, Amber. But mostly, thanks for giving me my David Tennant fix! (And I want to know how to do horrible photoshopping like you’ve done – and starting with those particular yummy guys would be nice, too. Or Sean Connery.) Cheers!

    • Amber West says:

      There is no shortage of Tennant when you hang with me, Jennifer. And I may just have to work something out for you on the Photoshop side of things :)

  12. Congratulations, Amber. I read what they had to say over at Wil’s place. Lots of great support. And they are so right. Some people won’t ever be able to see art and judge it clearly. You need to be proud of what you’ve accomplished. Hold your head high.

    • Amber West says:

      Thanks, Debra. I don’t begrudge people the right to their feelings about my book, and I most certainly don’t expect everyone to like it, but it amazes me how people turn their opinions into an opportunity to attack and tear down.

      I am most definitely holding my head higher this morning, though. Thank you for the support!

  13. Wahooooo, Amber! So much goodness happening here–it gives me all the smiles and happy feels. And squee, Wil Wheaton! This is all excellent. 😀 😀 😀

  14. Whoa. I’m having David Tennant squees over here. Must be all the clips of him! And then throw in Wil Wheaton and I just don’t know what to do with myself!

    So let’s look at it this way ~ a bad review led to Wil Wheaton. And your book climbing the rankings. Hmmm, I was thinking I’d like to knock that reviewer to the floor, but maybe we should send them flowers instead? A little thank you for making a negative into super fabulous positives!

    As an aside ~ I wasn’t feeling well yesterday and so I spent every waking hour watching Doctor Who. All David Tennant’s episodes. I totally get all the references above!

    • Amber West says:

      So much geeky goodness.

      I’m not out to knock the reviewer – as a matter of fact, I’ve had readers tell me that they wanted to post responses and I told them not to. What’s done is done – but like you said, I had an amazing chance to turn this into one huge positive. So, shakin’ the dust off… :)

      I’m so sorry you weren’t feeling well, but I do love that it gave you an excuse to have a Tenth Doctor marathon! How delightful!

  15. Fabulous results, Amber! I’m so happy for you! I loved your book and I hope you saw the review I posted. Now I’m impatiently waiting for the next one … sorry, but that’s what happens when you write such a great story … MORE, MORE, MORE!!!!
    I’m still counting on a lunch, coffee or something sometime before April 20 when I’m in Orlando. I’ll send deets later!

    • Amber West says:

      I did see your review – thank you!! And I am working on the next one. When I have a clearer picture of time frame, I’ll give everyone something to look forward to.

      And of course, let me know what the plans are for Orlando. :)

  16. This really could not happen to a nicer person….. Love YOU tons and tons and tons. ((( Hugs ))))


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