Practical Pinterest: Breakfast for the Busy Mom

Thanks to technology and countless hours of nursing, I’ve been browsing Pinterest quite a lot lately.

It’s a great way to realize you have zero time and/or talent for anything.

I kid.

Well, somewhat.

There’s a delicate balance with Pinterest, the balance between finding useful tips and recipes, and realizing some projects just aren’t going to happen.

At least not anytime soon when you are juggling a 6 week old, a 4 year old, and you have your full time job looming over you in the very near future.

Basically, the only things that really behoove me to pin right now are practical ways to save time and money.

That’s where Refrigerator Oatmeal comes in.

I’d actually read about refrigerator oatmeal in a magazine, then hit up Pinterest for variations on the recipe. Given that I somehow have come to love oatmeal for breakfast in the last two months (nothing short of a miracle, as I’ve despised the stuff since the Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Swirlers pukefest of ’89) I figured this was a pin worth trying.

It’s quite possibly the easiest way to have a simple, healthy breakfast that takes NO time to prepare in the morning.


Pre-milk. Doesn’t look like much but it’s PLENTY.

To give it a try you simply need:

1/3 C rolled oats (I’ve yet to experiment with steel cut)
2/3 C milk (any kind – cow, almond, etc)

Your other ingredients are optional, depending on your taste:

Fruit (frozen, dried, or fresh)
Chia seeds
Sweetener (sugar, honey, stevia, agave)

For anyone wondering about the Chia seeds, they seem to be in nearly every refrigerator oatmeal recipe I see. That’s because chia seeds are a great source of Omega-3 and fiber. They help you feel full, and there are quite a few studies on there value in helping reverse Type 2 diabetes. They blend in perfectly with this oatmeal concoction, and the fact that they are soaking overnight aids in digestion.

Now, for the how-to.

Before turning in for the evening, I grabbed a small jar, filled it with rolled oats, chia seeds, and some organic frozen cherries. I also added a little honey and cinnamon and then the milk. Gave the jar a shake and placed it in the fridge.



In the morning, I grabbed it from the fridge and added some nuts for crunch, and a spoon for eating.

That’s it. Breakfast is made.


The end result is actually really tasty and in the Florida heat, I prefer this cold version of oatmeal to the hot one anyhow.

Maybe I’ll have to take on another Pinterest pin soon. Anyone want to go shampoo-less?

Do you have a favorite and fast go-to meal you’d like to share? Any Pinterest-y wins you’ve discovered lately?

Now, back to my not-so-regularly scheduled day.


Keeping me busy.


That's his contraction face.

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